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Empowering Adult Migrants Through Swimming!

From Zero to Hero is a transformative access model of social entrepreneurship dedicated to addressing the social gap by providing adult migrants with essential swimming skills, cultivating water confidence, and promoting water safety. We are committed to breaking barriers, fostering community, promoting social inclusion, cultural integration, and individual well-being.

Our mission is to empower individuals by providing access to swim training and water safety education, fostering a sense of belonging, confidence, and physical and mental fitness, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.

Transforming Lives and Water Safety for Adult Migrants in Australia

In a country like Australia, surrounded by water, the ability to swim isn’t just a skill; it’s a fundamental aspect of safety, inclusion, and personal empowerment. Unfortunately, many adult migrants arrive in this beautiful country without this essential skill. Financial, cultural, and personal barriers often prevent them from accessing swim lessons, placing these individuals and their families at a significant disadvantage when it comes to water safety and participating in water-based activities, which are an integral part of Australian culture.

According to Royal Life Saving: “Swimming skills and water safety knowledge among overseas visitors is known to be less robust than those who have grown up in Australia. On average, 288 people drown in Australia each year, with around one in four people who drown being born overseas.”

  • Founder’s Vision: From Zero to Hero was founded by Nadia Azizabadi, an inspirational individual who has experienced the transformative power of swimming firsthand. Her personal journey from a non-swimmer to a water sports enthusiast led to the creation of this program. Her dedication and passion serve as the driving force behind our mission.
  • Ethical Contract of Kindness: We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every participant is treated with kindness, respect, and dignity. Our Ethical Contract of Kindness is the foundation of our program.
  • Pioneering Since 2017: We’ve been leading the way in providing specific programs for adult migrants since 2017, starting from Tasmania and expanding to other states. We empower individuals not only with swimming skills but also with confidence in their abilities.
  • Industry Collaboration: Through partnerships with AUSTSWIM and having Nadia as AUSTSWIM certified trainer we can now train swim instructors from different community languages to not only addresses the shortage of swim instructors but also fosters a more inclusive and water-confident community.

Since our inception, From Zero to Hero has successfully empowered numerous adult migrants with the skills and confidence needed to enjoy the water safely. We’ve seen lives transformed as individuals overcome barriers and embrace a new world of aquatic possibilities. Our program has reached and enriched communities across Tasmania and recently in Victoria.

Through collaborations with local organizations and our dedicated fundraising efforts, From Zero to Hero has provided swimming lessons to over 100 refugees and individuals who lack the means to afford them independently. We firmly believe that water safety knowledge should be accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. This initiative was born from my personal experiences and my unyielding passion for swimming and improving my own aquatic journey.

Consequently, when establishing this program, I took great care to avoid repeating the mistakes I encountered on my own path with my students.

As a social enterprise, we are committed to expanding our reach and impact. Our vision extends beyond swim lessons. We aim to create a community that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and promotes the joy of swimming. We envision a future where water-based activities are accessible to all, regardless of their background.

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Previous Programs & Collaborators

Through collaboration with community organizations, local schools, and swimming centers, “From Zero to Hero” has not only taught swimming but also facilitated the integration and well-being of diverse communities. Its success is evidenced not only in the newfound skills of participants but also in the establishment of a self-sustaining cycle of learning and contribution.

If you would like to explore collaboration opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your support can make a real difference in our mission to empower adult migrants through swimming and water safety education.

Join Us in Our Journey!

We invite you to be part of our journey, whether as a participant, supporter, or partner. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of adult migrants and their families, and in the broader community. From Zero to Hero is more than a swim program; it’s a celebration of human potential, resilience, and the joy of swimming. Ready to dive in? Join us today!


Stories of Transformation & Feedback.

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Elizabeth Jacob
Elizabeth Jacob

" Nadia is a legend. She is an expert instructor who provides excellent training, identifies your weaknesses and provides consistent feedback to improve your swimming ability. Highly recommended. The best adult learn to swim program I’ve ever experienced. "

Pooia Lalbakhsh
Pooia Lalbakhsh

" Nadia has developed an exceptional program that offers accessible swim instruction tailored for multicultural communities. She introduced me to the world of swim instruction, and it's been an incredibly enjoyable journey! "

Krishna Patel

" I had an amazing experience with instructor Nadia at "From Zero to Hero". Nadia patiently guided me from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. She gave me the confidence to swim in deep pools and taught essential water and beach safety. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to become a confident swimmer. Thanks, Nadia! "

Resper Solutions
Resper Solutions

" Nadia continually demonstrated to my family and me kindness, empathy, and outstanding swimming instruction. Anyone looking to teach their kids to swim while also teaching them water safety should check out Zero to Hero. We appreciate you giving us the confidence boost and an amazing experience. "

Batbayar Enkhbold
Krishna Patel

" I couldn't be happier with the experience my wife had while learning to swim! After just a few classes, she gained so much confidence in the water, all thanks to the amazing trainer Nadia. The instructor's expertise and patient teaching style truly made a significant difference. My wife's progress was impressive, and I'm incredibly grateful for the positive atmosphere and supportive environment provided during the lessons. Highly recommend to anyone eager to learn swimming effectively and quickly! "

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check the FAQs to see if your question has been answered here. If not, simply contact us!

“From Zero to Hero” is a transformative social enterprise dedicated to empowering adult migrants through swimming and water safety education. Our program aims to bridge the gap in essential swimming skills and water confidence among CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities, promoting inclusivity, integration, and individual well-being.
At From Zero to Hero, our mission is clear: to bridge the gap by offering adult migrants access to essential swimming skills, fostering water confidence, and promoting water safety. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the chance to learn how to swim and embrace the joys of the water.
As a social enterprise, we are committed to expanding our reach and impact. Our vision extends beyond swim lessons. We aim to create a community that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and promotes the joy of swimming. We envision a future where water-based activities are accessible to all, regardless of their background.
Our program stands out for several reasons: Founder’s Vision: Nadia’s personal experience and passion drive our mission. Ethical Contract of Kindness: We create a supportive and inclusive environment. First Adult specific Migrant Program in Tasmania: Operating since 2017, we fill a critical gap in the market. Accessibility: Our program is designed to accommodate individuals regardless of financial circumstances.
Since our inception, we’ve empowered numerous adult migrants with essential swimming skills and water confidence. We’ve transformed lives, enriched communities, and reached individuals across Tasmania.
You can be part of our journey as a participant, supporter, or partner. Whether you’re an adult migrant looking to learn to swim, an organization interested in collaboration, or an individual wanting to contribute, there are many ways to get involved.
We frequently host workshops and presentations on engaging CALD communities, water safety, and more. Stay updated by visiting our website and following our social media channels for event announcements.

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form on our website or by emailing [your email address]. We’re always eager to connect, answer your questions, and explore collaboration opportunities.

You can contribute by sponsoring someone else’s participation in the program once you’re able to do so. This creates a cycle of support and community empowerment.

Absolutely! If you’re interested in having Nadia speak at your event, organization, or school, please visit our Speaking page to learn more and fill out our booking form.

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