From Zero to hero is a specialised aquatics education initiative program focuses on adult immigrants who don’t know how to swim to train them to become a competitive water-sport player. Founded by@Nadia Azizabadi.

It is specifically tailored to adults who have not previously had the opportunity to learn to swim or simply lack water confidence.

From Zero to Hero aims to nurture a life long love of the water, go beyond teaching technique and teach participants to get involved in the community by participating in Aquatic sports and to gain confidence by learning the safety in and around the water. Participant will develop self confidence and build on their self esteem.

Over 6 weeks period in each level, consisting of one 60-minute lesson per week, students will be taught the necessary water safety, stroke and survival skills for safe and enjoyable participation in water-based social activities. These skills are crucial for water and beach activities. By end of this program you have the chance to try water sports like underwater Hockey, underwater Rugby, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Your swim skills would be assessed in the first session and a personal plan would be given to you based on your swim ability to train you step by step to be prepared to swim confidently by week ten. The last two sessions of the program is an introductory to Watersports. You have the chance to try Snorkeling, underwater hockey, scuba diving and underwater rugby. (Waterpolo and Waterbasketball can be an option too). After week 12, you have the choice of joining any Watersport club, be part of the team or swim casually with our continuous advises.

As with any new skill, reinforcement is crucial and so all participants will be given discounted pool access outside their lesson times to practice newly learnt skills.

Whatever your choice is, “From Zero to Hero” is here to support you in a step by step guideline. We have a team of volunteers assisting to run the program in the most convenient way. Call or message us today to find out more.

Words from the founder:

My name is Nadia Azizabadi and I am an Accredited Austswim instructor, National team player for Tasmanian underwater rugby women team, underwater hockey player and scuba dive instructor and scientific diver. I want to help people become the hero of their yesterday and recently found this in assisting them to get to know about water sports through a project named: “From Zero to hero”. I strongly believe that it’s not about having more migrants, it’s about having happy and healthy migrants both physically and mentally. I believe Sport plays an important role in new arrival migrant’s life and swimming and water related sport are just a relief in a daily stressful life of an immigrant. I had to learn in a hard way, facing discriminations and wasting too much time and spent too much money. You don’t have to face all these difficulties as I have an step by step program which was examined before and I have the same background so I understand your difficulties.

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My Swim To Sport ( the cooperation between @From Zero to Hero and Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania founded by Healthy Tasmania) in The Mercury Newspaper.